1874: An Act of Congress provided for lifesaving stations on the coasts of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Florida, as well as on the Great Lakes and the Pacific Coast.
1874: Casualty reports of accidents at sea inaugurated.  Volunteer crews for life saving stations and medals of honor authorized.
1906: Sponge fishing act passed.  To be enforced by Revenue Cutter Service.
1918: An Act of Congress (40 Stat. L., 607, 608) changed the designation of Lighthouse Inspectors, who were in charge of the 19 lighthouse districts, to that of Superintendents of Lighthouses.
1966: CGC Point League attacks and cripples a North Vietnamese junk attempting to run the Navy’s blockade.  The action continued into the next day as the junk stranded itself on the shore and its crew fired a demolition charge, destroying their ship.