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Researching Ships
· Ship and Passenger Lists: Gives steps on searching for specific vessels and passengers on those vessels.
· Researching Ships and Seafarers: Discusses how someone would research a specific ship based on name.
· Ships & Passenger Lists: Offers resources on researching ships.
· Maritime Information Exchange: U.S. Coast Guard database of ships.

Libraries and Databases
· California Maritime Academic Library: Complete library with searchable database dedicated to maritime history.
· Maritime Database: Provides research into current and past ships, captains, ports and other information relating to maritime history.
· Schoonerman Maritime Data Base: Historical database covering different historical ships, dimensions, location and other information.

Maritime Museums
· Maritime Museum San Diego: Museum dedicated to the maritime history related to San Diego.
· Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum: Museum with exhibits and historical maritime artifacts.
· San Francisco Maritime Park: National Park Service historical area that focuses on the history of San Francisco, with a maritime museum.

Nautical Archaeology
· Institute of Nautical Archaeology

Maritime Education
· Boat Donation: Educate yourself on how the marine industry gives back by donating old boats and schooners.
· Marine Institute : Institute associated with the University of Newfoundland.
· Center for Maritime Economics & Logistics: European institute focusing on the study of economics and its relation to maritime concerns.
· SUNY Maritime College: College program connected to the State University of New York.